Dr. John Patrick Keefe II asks, “Is 18 too Young to Get Married & Have Children?”

Society in 2016 is not what it used to be. The days when kids married at age 11 or 12 or even 13, 14, or 15 are, for the most part, in the past. However, in the United States many people can and do get married at age 16 with parental consent. Many jurisdictions recognize that by age 16 young adults are capable of consenting and making major life decisions for themselves. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, a wedding officiant in Oklahoma with Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies, asks whether or not it is appropriate for young people to marry at very young ages.

Economic times have changed, and as people live longer and require more education to compete in today’s job market, young people have begun to marry at older and older ages than in years past. Indeed, the average marrying age has increased to the mid or late 20s or even 30s for many men and women, as younger generations pursue things such as university studies, traveling to other countries, and more.

The way the economy is going these days, where benefits are scarcer and salaries tend to be more stagnant, many millennials tend to live at home longer with their parents. As Dr. John Keefe II asserts, “It can be tougher for younger people to have the financial ability to marry when they are having to live with their parents.” Indeed, young couples can greatly benefit from waiting a little while longer to make the leap into a permanent, lifelong commitment.

Many girls no longer see themselves as “old maids” at age 15 or even 18. Yes, it used to be the case that if a girl did not marry young that she might not get a husband at all. Divorces used to be very uncommon in the days of old, and societies generally frowned upon divorce a whole lot more than it used to. In this day and age, people tend to marry more than once at different stages of their lives, with many millennials engaging in what Dr. John Patrick Keefe has heard many of them refer to as “starter marriages” per se.

Many younger people are also starting to take more time to find themselves and to develop their personalities and sense of self, prior to tying the knot. Dr. John Patrick Keefe II has worked with many young couples in premarital counseling, and a lot of them want to finish the major things they have always wanted to do in life prior to settling down with a spouse and children. By investing in themselves and taking more time to get married, many studies show that two young people can actually lower their divorce rates.

Of course, Dr. John Patrick Keefe II also asserts there is no magical age at which two people can and should get married at. Everyone is ready for different things at different points in time, and just because some younger couples wish to take more time to get married and/or does not mean that everyone needs to do so.

While older couples and parents may often have more financial resources, life experience and general stability than their younger wedding and parental counterparts, this is not always the case. In addition, Dr. John Keefe II notes that couples that get married at younger ages also tend to have more energy and less of a risk of passing genetic defects to their children than female parents who are in their late 30s or 40s and men who are in their 50s or 60s. Genetically speaking, this is the best time in their lives for parents to conceive children. But wait! There is more, contends Dr. John Patrick Keefe II!

More life experience is not always beneficial to a newly married couple. People who have been in bad relationships, have gone through bankruptcy or significant debt, or who have kids from previous marriages all carry a certain level of baggage that younger couples may not have. Sometimes “less is more” in a relationship, contends wedding officiant in Oklahoma Dr. John Patrick Keefe II.

Couples that marry young also benefit from the chance to experience more significant life events together as a couple. These can include buying a home together, completing college, getting first jobs, making lots of babies together, and more! Dr. John Patrick Keefe II asserts that the more positive history of major experiences that a couple can successfully go through together, the better it is for their long term relationship.

The decision to marry at a younger age, at middle age, or when much older ultimately rests with the individuals getting married. Everyone is different, and there are no guarantees in life. While experience and financial stability are certainly important in a relationship, they are by no means the only factors to consider.

Regardless of the age of the couples, Dr. John Keefe II always stresses the importance for all couples to take time to really get to know one another and ensure that they are compatible with each other before tying the knot in matrimony. Consequences of divorce can indeed prove to be disastrous, so all couples need to be careful not to move too quickly.


To Live and Let Live, believes John Keefe II

Dr. John Patrick Keefe II, born on March 7, 1979, in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma has rightly been a true citizen of its state, a true patriotic to its country and most importantly, a true human to the mankind. People come and people go, stories are read and forgotten. However, there is a particular person and his particular story, which is maybe small as compared to the history of the world but impactful and meaningful enough to be remembered by every Oklahoman.

In January of 2015, John applied for something, which after a span of time created a buzz in the whole Oklahoma.  What it was and why it was, many were not able to see the both sides of the story. What they saw was a man creating disharmony in the society and what they failed to see was that this man was trying to create harmony for everyone, for every race, caste, religion and sex.

“LGBTALY”, that’s what his supposed-to-be license plate should have read. It meant LGBT Ally and its purpose was to show that he supports and to spread the message that you should also. But, this was termed sexual in nature by the Oklahoma Tax Commission (OTC) and was said that the message would be offensive to many citizens. “It’s not about my personality, It’s about the population that we are discriminating against,” says John Keefe II, but the law was not able to recognize it.


Having completed his Doctoral degree in Education Administration from Bethel University, John Keefe II has been leading a successful life as a wedding officiant at Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies creating bonds of love not between a male and female, black and white but just between humans; helping them live happily as who they actually are. He does LGBT marriages.

He took a stand for equal rights for everyone by writing a very moving and strong letter to the editor of The Daily Oklahoman in September 2000 for LGBT. He even left his reputable position of Cub Scout Leader at the Boy Scouts of America to protest for what he believes in.

He took his fight for “LGBTALY” as far as he could. For him, Oklahoma and its citizens come first. Seeing that it was being misled by many, he stopped his fight there, but continues to support LGBT and always will. To live and let live, this message is what he truly believes in and wants to spread it in the world.

John Keefe II, Always Ready to Run an Extra Mile for the Community

The World can become a better place if everyone start doing their bit and contribute in making the big change by making one small change at a time. People who do that are nothing less than a boon to the society. These are selfless individuals, who live to serve and cater to the needs of ot11176576_1668034923426900_1234838809_nhers. They love to bring happiness and satisfaction in other people’s lives. Dr. John Keefe II is that person, who never mind running an extra mile for others.

John Patrick Keefe II was born on 7th March 1979 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma to Glenna Sue Voegle and John Patrick Keefe. He has been the best son to his parents and a boon to Oklahoma, serving those who are in need. He completed his doctoral degree in education administration from Bethel University. He is now an Educator and Wedding Officiant (Lifelong Wedding Ceremonies), working for the society in the best way he could.

Apart from officiating LGBT, same day elopement, and courthouse weddings and educating growing minds, he is a proud and selfless sperm donor, which has led him to be a proud father of numerous children. He has brought many couples the joy of having this special gift of God.

“Learning and continuous growing is an important aspect of life” believes John Keefe II. He did so by learning from small things in life and traveling around the world. He has lived in Estonia, India, Mexico, China, Texas and Alaska. Reaching out to so many different people, culture, and their respective traditions, he learnt that working together to create a green Earth and get back what we have lost with time should be our number one priority right now.

“What more? What else?” This has always been on his mind. He is continuously on feet and thinking what more can he do on his part for those in need out there. He is a vegan and strongly opposes cruelty against innocent animals. He is the CEO and President of International Orphanage Relief Society, which works for the well-being of children in orphanages around the world by advocating for them whenever and wherever needed.

Dr. John Keefe II lives a peaceful life with his wife and children and continues to run that extra mile.